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Retired municipal court judge Kenneth Gonzalez is running for mayor with running mates Kevin Kowitski and Ana Maria Zevallos for City Council.

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Priority Issues
Click the image above to read the full "Four Pillar Plan for a Better Perth Amboy"

To achieve a Better Perth Amboy we have developed a “Four Pillar Plan for a Better Perth Amboy“; based on a foundation of Public Safety & Quality of Life. ​

Housing & Urban Development

Recognizing the critical role of housing and urban development, the campaign aims to address hazardous housing conditions, celebrate Perth Amboy's rich history through tourism, and rejuvenate the waterfront to attract both visitors and businesses. These initiatives promise not only to improve living conditions but also to showcase the city's heritage and potential as a destination.

Environmental & Public Health

To combat economic stagnation, the team proposes revitalizing business diversity, expanding entertainment and dining options, and tackling parking challenges to foster a thriving, accessible urban center. These strategies are designed to draw in visitors, support local businesses, and create a vibrant, diverse economic landscape.

Economic Growth & Diversity

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of environmental stewardship and public health, the platform includes rigorous enforcement of sanitation regulations, initiatives for water cleanup, and a commitment to transparent, eco-friendly city purchases. These efforts aim to safeguard Perth Amboy's natural and urban environments for future generations.

Governance & Community Engagement

The final pillar underscores the importance of governance and community engagement, advocating for accountable representation, the enforcement of ordinances to improve quality of life, and participatory budgeting to empower citizens in financial decision-making. This approach ensures that government actions are transparent, responsive, and aligned with community needs.

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