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"Our mission is to transform Perth Amboy into a beacon of safety, prosperity, and community for all. Together, we can build a brighter future."


Ken Gonzalez's extensive background in law, public service, and community involvement, combined with his deep commitment to Perth Amboy, positions him as a strong leader to support and drive the "Democrats for a Better Perth Amboy" campaign's vision for a safer, more prosperous, and inclusive community.

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Ken Gonzalez's rich background and extensive experiences in law, public service, and community involvement make him an exemplary candidate to support and drive the "Democrats for a Better Perth Amboy" campaign's four pillars. Here's how his qualifications align with the campaign's goals:​​

Deep Roots in Perth Amboy

Ken's lifelong residency and active participation in Perth Amboy's community life demonstrate his deep understanding of the city's needs and his commitment to its well-being. This intimate knowledge of the community will guide his leadership in addressing the key issues outlined in the campaign's pillars.

Legal Expertise and Public Service

Ken's legal background, including his tenure as a Municipal Court Judge and his involvement in various legal and public interest organizations, equips him with the skills to navigate complex legal and regulatory environments. This expertise is crucial for effectively implementing policies related to public safety, housing, and urban development.

Leadership and Governance Experience

Ken's leadership roles in various organizations, including the Perth Amboy Board of Education and the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency, showcase his ability to govern and make impactful decisions. His experience in these positions will be invaluable in driving initiatives for economic growth, community engagement, and responsive governance.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Ken's role in transitioning the Municipal Court to online sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic and his initiation of the Blue Cares Court pilot program demonstrate his ability to adapt to challenges and implement innovative solutions. This problem-solving mindset will be critical in addressing the environmental and public health challenges facing Perth Amboy.

Commitment to Education and Youth Development

Ken's involvement in educational and youth organizations, such as the LEAF Organization and the Perth Amboy High School Hall of Fame selection committee, highlights his dedication to nurturing the next generation. This commitment aligns with the campaign's focus on creating a vibrant, inclusive community that supports the growth and development of all residents.

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