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Kevin Kowitski

"Creating a vibrant economy in Perth Amboy means embracing diversity in our businesses and community. Diversity is our strength."

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I am honored to have served Perth Amboy on the Rent Leveling Board, Planning Board, and now PARA - "Redevelopment Agency"

I am running for City Council to continue to expand the great service that I can provided for our community; striving to build A Better Perth Amboy for all of us. Scroll down to learn more about the "Democrats for a Better Perth Amboy" candidates, platform, and vision for a safe, thriving, and prosperous future.

Priority Issues

There are many issues facing our community, but to achieve a better Perth Amboy we have developed a "Four Pillar Plan for a Better Perth Amboy"; based on a foundation of Public Safety.

Quick Bio

Mr. Kowitski At-A-Glance

skills & Focus

Kevin Kowitski's blend of technical expertise, leadership in community and city governance, and passion for safe and sustainable urban development make him an ideal advocate for the "Democrats for a Better Perth Amboy" campaign's vision. His skills and experiences will undoubtedly contribute to achieving the campaign's goals of enhancing public safety, fostering economic growth, improving environmental and public health, and ensuring responsive governance

Foundation in IT Governance and Strategic Management

Kevin's extensive experience in corporate IT governance and strategic portfolio management, overseeing IT systems associated with significant spending and revenue, underscores his ability to manage complex projects and budgets effectively. This skill set is directly applicable to implementing the campaign's public safety improvements and infrastructure projects, ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently and projects are delivered successfully.

Biomedical Engineering and Change Management

With a background in biomedical engineering and a proven track record in effective change management, Kevin has the analytical skills and innovative thinking needed to address Perth Amboy's urban development and environmental health challenges. His ability to navigate and implement change will be critical in revitalizing housing, developing the waterfront, and enhancing public spaces.

Community Engagement

Kevin's involvement in coaching youth sports demonstrates his commitment to community engagement and youth development. This experience aligns with the campaign's focus on community engagement and governance, indicating his capacity to foster community involvement in decision-making processes and to advocate for policies that benefit all Perth Amboy residents.

Advocacy for Safe Housing

Kevin's co-authorship of resolutions to change city ordinances for safe housing showcases his commitment to ensuring safe, quality living conditions for all residents. This directly supports the campaign's pillar of housing and urban development, emphasizing his readiness to enact policies that improve living standards and hold landlords accountable.

Education and Leadership

Kevin's education, including a Bachelor of Science degree and an Executive MBA, equips him with a solid foundation in leadership and business management. His leadership roles on the city's Rent Leveling Board, Planning Board, and as a commissioner on the Redevelopment Agency, highlight his dedication to public service and governance. These positions, combined with his educational background, prepare him to effectively address housing issues, urban development, and economic growth within Perth Amboy.

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